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We love summer!

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We love summer! 💛

The second edition of the Poetic Yellow project is getting started!

It's free to take part! The photo shoot will be held at a beautiful beach in Cork.

With the arrival of summer, as we say in Portuguese: we decided to put our feet in the sand! And we're going to do the second edition at a beach in Cork.

Sign up for a chance to take part by clicking here!

Poetic Yellow is a photographic project which, going forward from now, will take portraits of couples, conceived by Yellow For You and lovingly developed by the Brazilian couple, photographers Sandro Pimenta and Flávia Gelezauskas.

The goal of the project is to poetically record memories of couples deeply in love who wish to have their stories immortalized in a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot!

In the first edition we received beautiful stories of passionate couples, many couples opened their hearts, and we loved the opportunities to know new culture, customs and different romances.

See photos of the first edition.

The material captured will be used for artistic purposes, such as: exhibitions, print and digital publications, and Yellow For You's portfolio.

I want to take part!

Poetic Yellow allows your partner and you to participate in this beautiful photo shoot.

It is super easy and simple to sign up for a chance to be selected. You just need to tell us a little bit about your story! After that, cross your fingers, and wait to find out if you've won!

What can I win for taking part?

The photographed couples will get: a one hour photo session and TWO DIGITAL photo, discounts off our packages, and a surprise gift!

What makes Poetic Yellow so great? 💛

The themed photo shoots are all unique, exclusive, and in marvellous locations, and all the photos are different.

The photographers Sandro Pimenta and Flávia Gelezauskas give all their attention and guidance in a professional and caring manner.

After taking the photos, they take impeccable care with all photography, treatment, editing, layout, administration, sales, and marketing.

Surprise your love!

Sign up to for a chance to be selected by clicking here.

Frequent Asked Questions

What do I get for taking part in the project?

In addition to getting a free photo shoot, your photos could also be published on our website www.yellowforyou.com and on social networks.

The participating couple will be able to choose TWO DIGITAL photo as a gift. The photo will be in high-resolution and treated professionally.

Who can enter?

Only couples older than 21 years will be able to participate. All types of couples are welcome, including all genders, styles, nationalities, etc.

Can I bring my kids?

No, unfortunately, this edition is available just for couples.

What are the criteria for selection?

The photographers will evaluate each couple's small story submitted via the sign-up form and will look around on their Facebook profiles.

The selected couples will be those who transmit harmony, good vibrations, and a unique style. But don't worry, we're not looking for anything specific, just be you!

Limited spots

We are hoping to receive a lot of applications, but we can only select about ten couples.

Why do we pay less for more photos?

This special project was born from the desire of a couple in love, who left their home country, Brazil, to learn about other people and cultures, and as such, start a cultural and artistic movement with many stories of love.

This doesn't just guarantee free participation with gifts, but also lower than market value prices for the purchase of our photo packages!

Makeup and clothing

In this first edition of the project, our team will not include a makeup artist, so ideally you yourself should be able to do your makeup to your own taste, or you can choose to hire an artist that you trust. Just remember that the style of the photo shoots is casual, and we ask for a simple day-to-day look.

The production style will vary from shoot to shoot depending on the theme involved, however, generally, the clothing and other production elements will be based on each couple's own style, using personal clothes and accessories.

The deadline for the reception of applications ends on May 31st 2018.

Sign up for a chance to take part by clicking here!

What else would you like to know?

Is there anything else that you'd like to know but didn't find here? Just send us an email at hello@yellowforyou.com

08 Mai 2018

We love summer!

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