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London Calling

These are the last pictures of them before they got married. The wedding was 1 day later!

We chose to do something totally and informally and without a script. We just walked the streets of London and took pictures.

London is a city full of places to photograph. The day started cloudy and with light drizzle, then the sun came up and things got better. We start at Notting Hill, then Big Ben, London Eye and end at Tower Bridge.

Camila and Lucas form a couple that has a lot of energy, timing and love involved.

We love couples who love and like each other just the way they are.

underground london
underground lovers
George Orwell House
Building Notting Hill
Notting Hill Stores
Notting Hill lovers
Notting Hill Stores
Notting Hill Vintage
picture notting hill
underground london
underground london couple session
Big Ben London
London Eye Couple
London Eye Couple Love
Couple in London
Tamisa River
Tamisa River
Tamisa River
Tamisa River
Tamisa River Couple
London City
Window reflect love
Love Abstract London
Gourmet Burger Kitchen London
Tower Bridge Couple Session
Loves in London
Tower Bridge