About Yellow for You - Wedding Photographer based in Cork, Ireland


Be happy!

Yellow is the happiest colour of all!

Yellow for You is the brand for emotive and documentary photography about people, love and life.

We are specialized in candid photography and will capture the authenticity in each moment.

We are Sandro Pimenta and Flávia Gelezauskas, we are Yellow for You!

We love telling stories through our lens, whether in an urban environment or a more adventurous place.

We will be there for you! We believe that each moment in life has to be photographed and saved as a sweet memory.

Images are our passion, and we are inspired by arts, music, movies, and design. Extracting all the plurality and allowing it to reflect in our work.

Our style is mostly based on romance and simplicity; we capture the pure essence of photography. It does not matter the distance or the place you want to photograph.

Count on us. We are always ready to get on the road! Leave us a message and we will talk more about it.

Yellow for You, photographing love.